1. How can you help me if my debt is more than what my house is worth?

We can help you by negotiating with the bank to do what’s called a short sale, that’s where the bank forgives you of part of the debt so the property can be sold for what it may be worth.

2. If a Realtor could not sell my house how can you?

As investors we have many different connections and not as many restrictions as Realtors do. We don’t mark up properties to get the big commission we only take a small finder’s fee.

3. What if my house needs work in order to sell?

Being the handy people we are we can work together to find a solution to get the house fixed and ready for the market.

4. It has been on the market for so long what can you do?

Our family can come in with fresh eyes and see where and why your house is not moving, it may be too many pictures, not the right colors, furniture doesn’t match the style house or the realtor may have had it marked up to high.